Program & project assurance for increased confidence

The role of assurance is to make the program or project stronger and so improve outcomes. Assurance also provides decision-making support – providing senior executives with confidence ahead of critical decisions. Investment decisions can have resource, reputational or commercial impacts – assurance reduces the risk of getting it wrong.

Ross Garland + Associates can work with your organisation to establish assurance for your project, program or organisation. Our assurance mechanisms dovetail with our governance frameworks to ensure business owners have visibility, control and confidence.

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Gateway reviews

Gateway Reviews are a program and project assurance process . It uses expert, independent reviewers to identify opportunities to increase the likelihood of success of high risk programs and projects.

Ross Garland + Associates are experts in the Gateway Review process. We have implemented Gateway for state and local governments, and advised national governments on the process. Ross has participated in numerous Gateway Reviews.

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5 key benefits of project assurance

  • Provides senior executives with the confidence to make key investment decisions;
  • Provides additional visibility for senior executives over important investments;
  • Identifies and reduces program and project risks;
  • Increases the likelihood of project success and of benefits being realised;
  • Ensures better program & project outcomes.