The business change manager is accountable for ensuring the business is ready to take advantage of the benefits that the program will deliver.


The Business Change Manager forms a strong link between the program team and the business units that will take the outputs of the program and use them to deliver benefits. If there are new business structures and operating processes required, the Business Change Manager will lead their development. The Business Change Manager is there responsible for embedding the change in the organisation and enabling the organisation to realize the benefits.

Business Change Manager – responsibility statement
  • Ensuring the organisation is ready to accept the outputs of the program;
  • Ensuring the business is prepared for the transition to new working arrangements;
  • Working with the business to minimize the impact of the program on business as usual during the implementation;
  • Identifying any potential gaps in the program that will prevent the identified benefits being delivered;
  • Working with the business to identify and define the program benefits;
  • Assist in identifying business benefit owners;
  • Assist benefit owners in the benefits management and realization processes;
  • Advise the SRO and Program Board when any risk to benefits is identified;
  • Work with the business to optimize the timing of the release of deliverables into business operations;